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Contact List Configurator (C.L.C.) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020112D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-27
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The present invention relates to adding further functionality to ease the viewing and sorting of an instant messaging program. The added functionality will allow the list to be viewed by any of the user's profile attributes (e.g. sorting by email, by nickname, by name, by location, etc) making the list easier to read and personalized to each user's preference.

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Contact List Configurator (C.L.C.)

    Many users of instant messaging programs configure their list to view it by groups, nicknames, or availability. Taking this into consideration my invention pretends to maximize the number of possibilities that can be used for configuring this list. For example, many users that use instant messaging, including myself, change the default configuration of the contact list. The option given to change the configuration of the list is only to "edit nickname" in which the user has to type out the information he'd rather see display in the contact lists. My invention gives the user the flexibility to configure the contact list in a vast array of options and ease.

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Let's take for example the following situation in a sample contact list: Contact List before CLC
* - John Doe
* - Bruce Wayne
* - Clark Kent

    My invention would let the user configure the list with the use of a popup that would contain a list of options. Not only will the user be able to pick what the main attribute the contact list can be viewed by would be but he can customize his list so that the attributes can appear in any order that they prefer. For example, instead of getting the default list shown above the user can go into the CLC and configure their list as follows:
which would in turn look li...