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Method and Apparatus for Producing Safer Paper Edges Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020113D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-27
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-27
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This invention describes a process to treat paper to reduce the problem of paper cuts. The process can be incorporated into office machines such as fax machines, copiers, or printers which treat paper edges as sheets are processed. It may also be used in the manufacturing process so that paper products and supplies are purchased with pre-dulled edges. For example: the manufacture of paper, cardboard, newsprint, magazine stock, and self-stick removable note supplies. The primary advantage of this invention is the prevention of paper cuts that are caused by sharp edges. A secondary advantage might be stacks of paper that is easier to handle, separate, or leaf through.

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Method and Apparatus for Producing Safer Paper Edges

Figure 1 depicts several possible treatments that can be used to dull the paper edges, such as:

Sanding or Smoothing




Figure 1: Treating Paper Edges

Depending on the intended end-use, each of these has different strengths and weaknesses. Anything that creates raised relief such as crimping or curling will cause the sheet to not lay as flat. Depending on the machine, this may cause problems such as jams if the paper is intended as blank stock into office equipment. Such jams are prevented if the treatment is performed after the page is printed.

There are several processes that could be used to treat the paper:

Form or Press that molds or stamps each sheet into a shape.

Roller with a raised pattern that presses an impression into the paper surface.

Device that passes along the edges of each sheet.

Form or Sander that passes against the edges of a stack of sheets.

Chemical, enzymatic, laser, or radiation treatment

Curling or Folding







Again depending on the use, each of these processes has different relative strengths and weaknesses. Each has different costs, effectiveness, ability to handle varying paper sizes, amount of mess created (i.e. paper bits), size of equipment required to perform the treatment, and ease of incorporation into existing processes.


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Disclosed is a method and apparatus for producing safer paper...