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Automated process of finding the meaning of a word during a chat or conversation on phone

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Original Publication Date: 2003-Oct-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Oct-28
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While talking on a phone or cell phone there are situations where one doesn't know the meaning of a particular word or abbreviation. It is not possible to stop the conversation for checking the meaning or full form as it may be a conference call or it is embarrassing to ask.

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  Automated process of finding the meaning of a word during a chat or conversation on phone

Phone companies or instrument [phone] maker can add the following feature.

1) The conversation can be saved in buffer
2) The buffer can be converted to text by using speech to text software
3) The user can scroll and highlight the word or abbreviation
4) The user can choose to look at the dictionary or search in the abbreviation database on the device or remote server.

The above can also be used in Sametime [chat]. The user can click on acronym or word to get expansion/meaning in a popup window.

As the cell phones do not have processing capabilities this service can be provided by the service provider as value added service to their customers for a fee.

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