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An alternate method to create and display a dynamically formatted html file in ISMP (InstallShield Multiplatform) Text Display Panel using disclosed reusable customized Java beans (SetWizardBeanTextPropertyWizAction, SetWizardBeanNavigationPropertyWizAction, SetWizardBeanActivePropertyWizAction) for developing ISMP installation program. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020217D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-03
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-03

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The disclosed SetWizardBeanTextPropertyWizAction, SetWizardBeanActivePropertyWizAction and SetWizardBeanNavigationPropertyWizAction visual custom ISMP (InstallShield MultiPlatform) Java beans allows Installation program designers to dynamically create, at runtime, HTML tagged files (Tables, Lists etc.) and display them in the installation program's wizard panel. The disclosed visual beans can be inserted in an install project using ISMP IDE (Integrated Development Environment) and their properties can be set to work with other project beans. The advantages to the designer is not having to develop and maintain user interface program code using Java Swing/Awt APIs and that the information can be presented in a color formatted wizard panel using HTML tags.