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Document Link System for CAD Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020244D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-05
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-05
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Disclosed is a system for showing technical documents to designers using CAD. By linking events of CAD models in client machine and technical documents in server machine in advance, when a designer modifies the CAD model, a browser indicating a related technical document appears by CGI program. This system has great value for using as designers' education tool and design modifying tool.

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Document Link System for CAD

  In typical way of product designing, designers spend much time
for collecting a number of technical documents and drawings, so the
net ratio of design work stayed at low level. As for education of
young designers, veteran designers had to spend their time for
instruction and that was reducing their time. This invention is to
solve this kind of problem by linking CAD data and technical
documents, and release designers from valueless work.

Fig.1 is the flowchart which indicates the operation of this
invention. At first, administrator save technical documents to
web-server[1]. Technical documents are prepared by designers or
administrator. At the client machine, administrator links CAD
parameter with particular technical document related to the CAD
parameter[2] (In CATIA V5*, "Reaction" function could be used
for this linking). After preparation, when a designer changes
the parameter value[3], a browser automatically starts and a
technical document related to the changed parameter is
shown[4]. The designer is able to earn technical knowledge from
the document, and at the same time, sending comments to the
web-server by using a browser column is available[5]. These
information concerning parameter change, such as date, time,
changed parameter name, changed parameter value are saved in a
log file kept in the web-server. From this log file, the
administrator is able to know the level of the designers and
their weak points, and could be used as an educational
Fig.2 shows an example of system structure and data flow of
this invention. Firstly, at the client side[11], when a
designer logs in[13] by an username "yamada...