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4 colors secure site system Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020247D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-06
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Disclosed is a idea for the improvement in office security management of Identity & Access. We can record personal position information on server by means of Magnetic or IC Card already, but if we apply Four-Color theorem, recording data requires only 2 bits.

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4 colors secure site system

  There are many systems using magnetic or IC card for access control, and  which investigate permission data on that Card.

The easiest pattern, it will investigate there is any permission of  entrance, or nothing. When a system is more advanced, entrance log is  recorded at a door (or backend server). And record is checked log for no  inconsistency. (ex, Can not go out without the log of entrance before)

However, there is still vulnerabilities in certification of a door. One of  those,  If there is a copied card and even if they are used simultaneously,  this system cannot track an unauthorized using. In order to solve this problem, it is necessary to shake a number at a room  and to manage with record of entrance into a room on Certification Server.  But in this case, if a separate number is assigned for every room, a number  will increase. 

This Disclosed idea has applied the Four-Color Theorem, recording data  requires only 2 bits.  Four-Color Theorem was proved by Appel and Haken in 1973.  It is proof that any map can be colored using four colors in such a way  that�...