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The evasion method of the number-of-times restrictions of redirection in WEB site access from a pocket small terminal Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020248D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-06
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-06
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This invention relates to the technique for leading a user to the top page of a site from terminals with which the number of times of redirection is restricted, such as a cellular phone and a small PDA terminal.

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  The evasion method of the number-of-times restrictions of redirection in WEB site access from a pocket small terminal

Cellular phone and a small PDA terminal have the various kind of standard of Page Description Language, such as compact HTML, HDML, MML, etc. Hence, certain websites need multiple pages that confirm each standards, or convert dynamically to the other standards. When using the conversion function from HTML to the Page Description Language of each standard, in order to make the same URL shown as the terminal of two or more standards, it is common to perform redirection at once. Following illustration shows how automatic redirection will be carried out to top page of a website according to the standards when accessing URL "http://hostname":

Figure 1:

Server environment which has the function of Page Description Language automatic conversion usually costs expensive in constructing and maintainance. For those reasons, various ASP service of conversion are offered. In these ASP, URL redirection may be performed when executing page conversion as follows:

Figure 2:


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In this case, the redirection instruction transmitted to the terminal becomes 3 times in total. However, some terminals restrict number of acceptable redirection to less than 2 times, and those terminals cannot display the top page of the website which requires 3 times redirection in consequence. Although it can say that certain terminals can be led to other sequences, it is desireble to treat all terminals in same way from the viewpoint of system operation.

This problem is solvable by inserting static HTML by one screen during the sequence changes which carry out redirection to a top page.

Figure 3:


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In this case, there is a static HTML file(pretop.html) stuck among the request sequence. Users using terminals that restrict number of redirection access to the static HTML file at first, then click the link displayed and get to the real top page.

About the use propriety of this static HTML file, it is desirable to enable...