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An automatic and secure system and method for determining ownership or assignment of networked devices and associated accounts Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020262D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-07
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-07

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This article describes a means of automatically and continually identifying whether the proposed user of a networked device (ND) is authorised to use the device concerned (which may be a mobile phone, a PDA with wireless access to the internet, a laptop computer, or any connected device). The ND is designed to be inoperable if the proposed user is not authorised and if the RFID tag and authorised signature is not regularly detected during operation. The system also enables any number of users to be authorised to use a given ND, and for separate accounts to be created so that usage may be recorded appropriately (useful for sharing mobile phones between family members for example, or for players sharing an ND to play chargeable on-line games). An innovation of this system is that the same session can be allocated between users simply by detecting which user is using the ND during the session and for how long. No manual intervention is required to switch users. This offers other interesting possibilities for game-playing (eg the game is automatically able to change characters, or perspectives by simply passing the ND to another User). The system does not require the User to manually enter any means of identification. However, for certain applications and devices, an added level of security is possible if the User also has to enter a separate keycode.