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Grid Resource Authorization Best Submit (GRABS) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020334D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-13
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Grid Resource Authorization Best Select (GRABS)

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Grid Resource Authorization Best Submit (GRABS)

Currently in Grid computing all available resources are listed in the GIIS (Grid Index Info Server). It is possible to query and discover the Grid resources via the GIIS. It is not possible to determine if a user is authorized to use this resource via the GIIS. This is determined by submitting a job to the resource and if a authorization error comes back then authorization is denied to use this resource.

Thus if a user wants to submit a job and the GIIS listed a 20 resources a work load distribution algorithm, it may prioritize the resources which may be faster, but not necessarily available to the user submitting the job.

Grid Resource Authorization Best Select (GRAB) combines a quick select for the submission of a job and query for the optimal resource.

GRAB will submit the job to the first available resource. It will then proceed with the work load distribution algorithm, querying each prioritized resource for authorization access.

Grid resources may change their authorization dynamically and they do not have a method to report back to all users new or denied access. This is the dynamic nature of Grid computing.

GRAB is a best attempt at caching resources that are accessible (will grant authorization). When a job is submitted, it is immediately submitted to a node which will probably authorize the users access. GRAB will then run one of any work load distribution algorithms. Then GRAB will test for authorization...