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Grid Spam Eliminator Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020336D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-13
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Computer Cooperative Grid shield to prevent Spam on corporate networks

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Grid Spam Eliminator

The internet is losing ground in the battle against Spam. The problem in a nut shell is that computers and computer programs have little common sense. With great effort and expense anti-Spam programs and filters attempt to identify Spam where as a human reader can readily identify Spam. Many Spam filters tag the subject, because the filters do not want to discard valid email i.e. false positive Spam identification. For example, receiving an email which the corporate Spam filter tagged with the subject line of, "[Probable Spam] How to better satisfy your tastes.", it is obvious that this is not "Probable Spam", but this is Spam.

The idea of this invention is to use the total sum of email users as a neural network to identify Spam, and once it is identified, let the computer calculate the digital signature of the email payload and eliminate this Spam even if it has been delivered.

Many email services have <delete Spam> buttons, but this adds the sender's address to your personal Spam filter. It does not remove or prevent the email from reaching other users as does this invention. Grid Spam Eliminator eliminates the Spam even if the email has already been delivered. This off loads the email filtering and identification of thousands of email from the mail servers and "Grid-afies" this task.

This invention works with email standards such as IMAP, POP/POP3, and mail gateways even when the email has already been delivered. It pushes the processing a...