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The display of an arrangement datum point in layout systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020364D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a user interface to display the arrangement datum point of the selected object. The arrangement datum point is used while the object is arranging or moving in the WYSIWYG application.

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The display of an arrangement datum point in layout systems

The definition of "Arrange object" is to decide the position of the object newly, and "Move object" is to shift the object which has already been arranged. "Arrangement datum point" is the point of the object to put it to a specific position.

Typically, the arrangement datum point is fixed during arranging or moving operation. In the WYSIWYG application, such as a newspaper editing system or a drawing application, an object isn't arranged/moved to the position where a user indicates it. The arrangement datum point of the object is aligned with other objects, grid, or guide lines. Therefore, if the arrangement datum point isn't specified appropriately, the result that the user doesn't intend it is brought.

Until now, a user was not able to check the arrangement datum point until the dialog is opened. Therefore, the procedure of a number step was required for work for checking it.

In this invention, by displaying the arrangement datum point of the object at the time of selection,the time and effort for checking an arrangement datum point can be saved. Since operation of selecting is the operation surely performed first when starting a certain action to the object, it is not necessary to count it for the procedure of work. The user can skip the other procedure.

In a typical WYSIWYG layout system, a trucker and a handle are displayed at the time of selection. the mark which expresses an arrangement datum poi...