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Method and system for internet page end of loading detection and user notification Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020365D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-17
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Disclosed is a method and system detecting Internet page end of loading and notifying the user.

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Method and system for internet page end of loading detection and user notification

The system and related method offer a general and generic solution to provide a browser enhancement.

    Network browser applications are improved by providing visual status indications informing users that the page loading has ended.

    A user expecting to view the loaded page is alerted by present status indications. Various status altertive may be used.

Figure 1 is a conceptual view of an embodimentof the system.

    System comprises a listener 102 of the network layer 108. The listener 102 is started automatically on internet browser 106 startup. The internet browser 106, on user actions, generates messages onto the network layer 108. When the end of loading of an internet page onto the internet browser 106 is detected automatically by the listener 102, it inform the notification system 104.

    A user profile 110 is used by the notification system 104. A user profile editor 112 allows the user to formally describe the content of a user profile 110.

    Each element of the system is now detailed, and firstly it is to be noted that the listener is a routine process which listen to the network layer 108, onto the user machine. It is started automatically when the user starts his internet browser 106. It analyses messages generates by the internet browser 106, and the internet server contacted, and detects internet page end of loading.

    The internet browser 106 is a program that allows user to browse...