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System and method for providing and accessing information related with visually distinctive physical items Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020374D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-18
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-18
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This invention relates generally to information systems and, particularly, to a system and method for providing information relevant to the physical world. More particularly, the invention relates to a system and method for selecting and having access by means of a mobile wireless device, to information or services related to physical items located on the vicinity of a user.

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System and method for providing and accessing information related with visually distinctive physical items

    A system and a method are disclosed to enable a user provided with a mobile wireless device (e.g., a bluetooth enabled PDA, cell phone or digital camera) to access to information related with a physical object or product (e.g., a book) visually identifiable among a plurality of objects or products (e.g., a collection of books exhibited on a store window). A system and method is first disclosed for marking active regions enclosing items represented on a picture of a collection of visually distinctive physical items, for associating hyperlinks from said active regions to information or services on a network related with the corresponding physical items, and for transferring and storing on a Wireless Internet Gateway, both the marked digital picture and hyperlinking information of active regions defined on said picture. The method include: identifying a public place where a collection of visually distinctive physical items are arranged; by means of a digital camera taking on said public place a digital picture of the collection of physical items;
storing the digital picture on a workstation; for each physical item for which related information must be accessible from the digital picture: marking the image of the item on the digital picture by enclosing it on an active region (i.e., an area of the picture such that when the user points to any point on it, information related with the physical object represented by the image of this item on the picture would be retrieved); associating a descriptive item label or title, and associating the URL of an hyperlink from the active region to information or service accessible through a network. storing geometry and coordinates data of the active region, item label and URL on an "Active Regions Table". uploading the digital picture, marked with the defined active regions, and the associated Active Regions Table to a Wireless Internet Gateway.

    A system and method is also disclosed for accessing info...