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Technique to Reduce "Over the Air" Transfer of HTML to a Client Device Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020410D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-20
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Technique to reduce over the air transfer HTML to a client device

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Technique to Reduce "Over the Air" Transfer of HTML to a Client Device

The server side include command lets you include the contents of one HTML document within the contents of a second HTML using one simple line of code. The basic command looks like this:

<!--#INCLUDE FILE="http://hostname/filename.html"-->

The #include command is a great time saver when you want to include the same element, such as a navigation bar, on multiple Web pages, or JavaScript. It also makes editing a simple element that appears on multiple pages much quicker.

This include statement could be used to save the transfer of data to the client from the Server for a page which requires this include page. The process works as the following. The server include could be written to be relative to the web site. This include file could be on the client device already

<!--#INCLUDE FILE="file://filename.html"-->

The Server can deliver the original requested file without the include and assume the include is already at the client device. This will cut transfer of HTML to the client device.