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Frame by Name Browser Refresh Function Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020412D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-20
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A secure solution that can allow for an external process to drive the screen of a browser on mobile devices thereby providing a mechanism to use a markup language to drive a user interface.

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Frame by Name Browser Refresh Function

A solution is outlined for all browsers on all handheld devices that provides a secure method of controlling the browser rendering. The idea is called Frame by Name update. An external process can perform a TCP/IP connect to the browser with the name of a frame to update. This is very secure since you are not driving the browser with a URL but telling the browser to update with the URL it has for a frame already. The concept works very well for local web server since it is in control of the content so the underlying URL content can change without the URL changing. For example the local web server on the mobile device can start the a browser with a page that the local server produces. Then the local server can simply connect to the browser and signal to update that single frame which can produce a page with many frames. Then the server can connect to the browser and signal to update a specific frame or update the main frame again and change the whole picture again. Essentially the browser is now a HTML control which can enable sophisticated user interfaces such as mail or buddy lists.