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Method and Apparatus for Profiling and Manipulation of Sensory Data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020427D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-20
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-20
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Disclosed is a self-contained and fully automated Electronic Library (eLibrary for short) system which provides services that extend beyond the conventional web based electronic libraries by providing a mechanism whereby to discover users' interests by observing user's behavior and patterns of using the library items and collecting and compiling the most accurate data for future inventory and notification.

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Method and Apparatus for Profiling and Manipulation of Sensory Data

Current technology provides mechanisms to download and checkout electronic books, magazines, newspapers, music, and other typical items found in libraries electronically. Often, providers of such services collect and store data and statistics on the type of services mostly used and requested by their users. This includes information on, for example, popular authors, frequently viewed titles, etc. Yet the data collected, often, does not represent the true/correct information about the behavior of the user of the services, which may cause a business to stock items that are not of true interest of the their users. For example, the data collected cannot accurately account for the cases that a book was checked out but never read. A service provider, mistakenly, may conclude that the item checked out was of interest to the user which in reality it was not.

In today's competitive eBusiness accuracy of data collected is a matter of necessity and survival in the market place. A mechanism is desired to collect data, accurately, representing users' behavior, likes and dislikes, and preferences to enable service providers to make appropriate decisions. This mechanism can assist eCommerce, more specifically Virtual eBusinesses, to collect accurate data directly from users of their services while users consume the services. Today's advancements in software and hardware provide elements of distributed executables to collect and communicate multiplicity of information remotely and transmit the data back to a central server to c...