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Business method to display pertinent departure information on an aircraft monitor for transit passengers Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020458D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-21
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-21
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Disclosed is a method for providing pertinent departure information on aircraft for transit passengers while they approach the transit airport. This information is very crucial for getting connecting flights, specially when the connecting flight departure time is only a few minutes away.

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Business method to display pertinent departure information on an aircraft monitor for transit passengers

Transit passengers are at a disadvantage when getting their connecting flights if their flights are delayed. Often passengers spend time standing in lines to get out of their aircraft for various reasons. If they know inside the aircraft the pertinent information, it will help them get directly to their respective gates and catch the next connecting flight(s) in most cases. Pertinent information could be connecting flight information or flight reroute information or directions to the next connecting gate.

This is very critical if they have do not have enough time to catch their connecting flight or if their flight is delayed. Usually the information is available on several monitors inside the airport. But to find a monitor which displays the correct flight and to locate the correct information is time consuming. If there is not much time between their arrival and the departure of their connecting flights they can miss the flight and cause inconveniences.

To enable transit passengers to get connected to their next flight they need information such as the actual time of departure and the gate number at the airport. Some more pertinent information would be the quickest route to reach the gate. While the plane is at the vicinity of the airport the information about the connecting flight for the next hour can be displayed on the monitor inside the aircraft. The mon...