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Derivation of Appropriate SLA Measurements From the Combinations of States Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020504D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-25
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-25

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For Service Level Management one of the key sources of data Incident and Change Request data is from Service Desk providers. Providing Service Level Agreements (SLAs) on this data is difficult because customers frequently modify Service Desk solutions. Thus, using a fixed set of measurements and states becomes difficult to generalize across customer environments. In addition, the tracking of key SLA measurements such as "Time to Fix a Problem" is difficult because the single measurement is actually composed of a total of the time spent in many different states. This invention defines a method by which Service Desk data can be transformed into an assessable SLA quantity from measurement data associated with a set of discrete states. There are two primary reasons for this further refinement of the data: 1) simple measurements, such as the wall clock time, do not allow the flexibility to avoid including certain measurement time from scheduled events (scheduled downtime, weekends, holidays, etc.); and 2) the ability to exclude time duration measurements that are beyond the service provider's control (i.e. such as waiting for parts, waiting for more input from the customer, etc.).