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Recovery of Dimethyl Ether when Coproduced with Methanol Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020519D
Publication Date: 2003-Nov-25
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Recovery of Dimethyl Ether When Coproduced with Methanol

Technologies are under development for the production of both methanol and dimethyl ether from synthesis gas (mixtures of hydrogen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide). Some configurations allow for the recycle of unreacted synthesis gas back to the reactor system. Methanol and dimethyl ether can be removed from the reacted synthesis gas within the reactor loop (Figure 1) using a variety of methods such as condensation and absorption. Another approach is to remove only the methanol (and dissolved dimethyl ether) within the reactor system and allow the remaining dimethyl ether to concentrate in the recycle gas stream, and then separate the dimethyl ether from the unreacted synthesis gas in the purge stream from the reactor loop (Figure 2). The equipment for the recovery of dimethyl ether from the purge gas (whether by condensation, absorption, or other means) will be smaller than the comparable equipment in the reactor loop.

Figure 1

Separation of Methanol and Dimethyl Ether within Reactor Loop

Figure 2

Separation of Dimethyl Ether from Purge Gas

Disclosed by D. Michael Herron

Air Products and Chemicals, Inc.