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Business Event/Process Event Separation (AEC) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020582D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Nov-28
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Nov-28
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This article identifies the three types of events and how infrastructure should be provided for each.

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Business Event/Process Event Separation (AEC)

An event infrastructure should support three categories of event: business events, process events and system events.

Business events describe significant events that have occurred in the business, such as an order being received from an important customer. It is possible to define business events before the application is built and support for a business event can be maintained irrespective of the design choices made for the application. Process events relate to points in the processing of the application implementation such as the creation of a J2EE component, or the processing of an activity within a BPEL process flow. The assumption is that these points in the processing represent significant events to the business. However, the reader of process events must understand the application design to appreciate this significance. System events relate solely to the IT implementation and how well it is operating. System events do, however, retain information about the business environment that was executing when the system event occurred, making it possible to assess the impact that the IT system is having on the business.

    For business events, the designer can specify which events they want at a very early phase of the project. These events are then coded by the programmer into the application as appropriate. If the application design changes, the events may move location but they will always be the same. Therefore the pro...