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RSS integration for OGSA for federation of sequence data Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020675D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-08
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-08
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RSS Integration for OGSA for Federation of Sequence Data

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RSS integration for OGSA for federation of sequence data

    The NCBI database, which houses the completely identified genes and proteins, is constantly updated by researchers all over the world every day. Therefore, any grid that runs bioinformatics applications using the NCBI database, has to update its local grid database after each sequence submission to NCBI. Currently these updates are done manually by the system administrators on the grid. As a solution, we are proposing to design a model in which our web service integrates itself with the data grid and triggers an event at the data grid site. This is done in order to download the new database automatically onto the grid middleware. Therefore, after each new submission to the NCBI database, the web server at the NCBI site is going to notify the client at the grid site and initiate the automatic deployment of the updated database.

    In order to make the deployment easier, we propose to use RSS, which is a lightweight XML format designed originally to share headlines and other web content. RSS provides us with an easy way to decide what is new at the NCBI database. Therefore, at the NCBI site, whenever an update is caught at the database, our web service will notify the data grid and trigger an event to start automatic download of the new database at the grid site.

    As a broader approach, this idea can be used to propose the same service to the individual researcher's host machines. Therefore, even if a a researche...