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Integrated continuous Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020685D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-09
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Integrated continuous

An x-ray examination apparatus comprising a flat panel x-ray detector. The flat panel x-ray detector includes a mode controlling unit to control the read-out mode of the flat panel x-ray detector.

The mode control unit is arranged to continue reading out signal from the detector during irradiation with x-rays. In this way successive frames of image data are read-out where a frame is formed as a complete set of successive read-out lines, Further, the mode control unit adds successive frames to form an added frame. Preferably, one additional frame is read-out after the irradiation has ceased.

For the individual frames the dose rate is less than the maximum dose rate that the flat panel detector can handle. The effective dose rate for the added frame corresponds to the sum of the dose rates of the individual frames. Accordingly, the effective dose rate of the added frame can be much higher than the maximum dose rate the flat panel detector can handle for a single frame. Hence, inhomogenities due to difference in the duration of the irradiation until read-out in the added frame.

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