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IETF ISOC Board of Trustee Appointment Procedures (RFC3677)

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Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-01
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-10
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This memo outlines the process by which the IETF makes a selection of an Internet Society (ISOC) Board of Trustees appointment.

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Network Working Group L. Daigle, Ed.

Request for Comments: 3677 Internet Architecture Board


Category: Standards Track December 2003

IETF ISOC Board of Trustee Appointment Procedures

Status of this Memo

This document specifies an Internet Best Current Practices for the

Internet Community, and requests discussion and suggestions for

improvements. Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

Copyright (C) The Internet Society (2003). All Rights Reserved.


This memo outlines the process by which the IETF makes a selection of

an Internet Society (ISOC) Board of Trustees appointment.

1. Introduction

The Internet Society (ISOC) provides organizational and financial

support for the IETF. As stipulated in ISOC's by-laws the IETF is

called upon to name 3 Trustees to its Board (BoT), with staggered 3

year terms. This requires that the IETF name one Trustee each year.

This memo outlines the process by which the IETF makes that

selection. This process will also be used in the event of mid-term

vacancies that may arise with IETF nominated Board positions.

1.1. Overview of Selection Process

In brief, this document describes the timeframe and procedures for

the IAB to solicit public input and make a selection for the open

position each year.

1.2. Rationale

An alternative approach to making a selection for these positions

would be to use the IETF's NomCom (RFC 2727 [1] and its revisions).

However, that NomCom is chartered and defined specifically to the

task of making selections for IETF organization tasks, and the ISOC

BoT appointment process does not fit that in 2 ways:

Daigle & IAB Best Current Practice [Page 1]

RFC 3677 ISOC Trustee Appointment Procedures December 2003

1. the timeframe of the appointment does not mesh with the IETF

appointment cycle

2. the nature of the deliberations and the type of information

solicited would be significantly different for an external

appointment, such as this appointment to the ISOC BoT

The first issue (timing) could be resolved fairly easily for this

specific appointment. The second issue is more general, and not

reasonably reconciled with the IETF NomCom task as currently


The process described in RFC 2727 is oriented toward soliciting

feedback from the IETF community with respect to individuals and

technical positions with which they have personal experience. To

make a good decision on external appointments, in general, the NomCom

would have to understand the requirements for those positions, and

attempt to evaluate candidates for a very different set of skills

than is required of IAB/IESG members. It might also require

soliciting feedback from outside the IETF community. There is no

question that the individuals that constitute the IETF NomCom each

year have the competence to carry out such a search; the issue is

that it is a very different task, would require additional time and

resources, and therefore is a side effort that could very well

undermine the effectiveness of th...