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Ambient Thermal Sensor on Notebook PC (A Method for Future Adaptive Thermal Control) Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020691D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-10
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Disclosed is a system that can sense ambient temperature precisely without any difficulty.

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Ambient Thermal Sensor on Notebook PC (A Method for Future Adaptive Thermal Control)

Normally, it's difficult to monitor ambient temperature because there is no appropriate location for a thermal sensor to be put due to the following reasons.

1. "Motherboard" has many hot devices on itself, although it's easy to put a sensor on it.
2. "System Surfaces" has many hot locations due to fan outlet, LCD, inverter, CPU, and so on, although it's directly faced to external air.

Therefore, this system has a special speaker box that contains a thermal sensor on it as described in Fig 1. This solution is effective because of the followings.

1. A system has many holes just in front of the speaker box, and they works as an inlet for air flow. Therefore, we don't worry about hot air flow coming from them.
2. A speaker box originally has 4 cables with a connector in order to be connected to the mother board, and the thermal sensor just requires additional 4 cables, which are VCC, GND, I2Cdata & I2Cclk. Therefore, we don't worry about manufacturing efficiency.

Speaker Module Connector to Mother board

VCC, GND, I2Cdata & I2Cclk

Speaker Module


Ambient Thermal Sensor

Fig 1. System Diagram


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