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Analyze/Trace activities in Workflow Management Systems Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020710D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-10
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-10

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Workflow Management Systems support the definition and execution of business processes. A business process consists of a set of activities whose execution sequence is prescribed via control links that connect the individual activities. A typical activity is the invocation of a Web Service. Quite often it is required to collect information from a business process. The obvious approach is to define an own Web Service for collecting the information. This solution has severe performance drawbacks as the workflow management system needs to treat the activity as any other activity and can not perform any optimization. It is proposed to add special activities to the set of supported activities: an analyze activity to collect data and to write it to some destination. This analyze activity in a very special form could be also used as a trace activity.