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Vinyl Functionalized PPE Resin for Varnish Applications Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020752D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-12

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PPO® SA120 resin is a new low molecular weight (Mn »2500) polyphenylene-ether (PPE) resin recently commercialized by GE Plastics. In addition to having the well-known properties inherent to PPE, this new resin has an excellent thermal performance (glass transition temperature (Tg) of 165°C) combined with a characteristic feature of improved processability. Replacing the hydroxyl group on SA120 with a reactive methacrylate forms the developmental product PPO® MX5587 resin. PPO® MX5587 resin can be used as the building block for varnishes, potting compounds, or laminate applications. Thermosettable Noryl® resin is a hybrid material that bridges the performance gap between thermoplastics and thermosets. Depending on the filler type and loading, Thermosettable Noryl® resin can potentially be used in applications such as fuel cell conductive plates, automotive-electrical applications, super-abrasive grinding wheels, aerospace and high performance composites, automotive body panels, truck boxes, electrical insulation, microchip encapsulants, printed circuit boards, sheet, syntactic foam, and other foam structures, or neat resin applications such as electrical grade varnishes including all different types of processing, such as dip and bake, vacuum pressure impregnation, roll through, or total encapsulation. The potential applications are not limited to electrical grade varnishes, other potential uses include resin applications requiring filling of large areas and voids for environmental protection. The data show that certain compositions containing PPO® MX5587 resin may have improved fracture toughness, higher heat resistance, better dielectric properties, and lower moisture uptake compared to unsaturated polyester resins and varnishes as well as vinyl ester resins and varnishes. In addition to PPO® MX5587 resin which has an intrinsic viscosity (IV) of 0.12 dl/g, other vinyl capped PPE resins such as 0.15 IV and 0.25 IV can be tailored to meet specific requirements. Key Words: polyphenylene oxide, PPO, polyphenylene ether, PPE, Thermosettable Noryl resin, TSN, methacrylate endgroup, vinyl capped, heat resistance, chemical resistance, toughness, laminate, varnish, foam