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Reliable connections with unreliable components Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020797D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-15
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Reliable connections with unreliable components

An x-ray examination apparatus comprises a control unit to control the operation of the x-ray examination apparatus. There is a user interface to issue commands to the control unit to cause the control unit to operate the x-ray examination apparatus according to the issued command.

The command is issued over a wireless communication link. The command may be issued in the form of a signal having a high degree of complexity. Preferably, the signal is variable in time, in particular at regular intervals. In a particular advantageous embodiment the regularly varying signal is formed on the basis of a regular exchange and amended signal.

The control unit is arranged to check the signal received from the user interface and only causes the x-ray examination apparatus to operate when the signal matches the expected signal.

The x-ray examination apparatus is operated by wireless control and the risk that the x-ray examination apparatus comes into operation owing to a stray signal is very substantially reduced.

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