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Method for a generic router using a database connection Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020801D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-15
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-15
Document File: 2 page(s) / 40K

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Disclosed is a method for implementing a generic procedure router over a relational database connection. The method uses a stored procedure on the server that routes the request to the specified procedure. The caller tells the stored procedure the name of the library to load, and the entry point to execute. The caller can also pass a parameter to the stored procedure, which is just forwarded on to the entry point. The entry point can return a parameter which is passed back through the stored procedure to the caller.

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Method for a generic router using a database connection

The invention consists of a router stored procedure that take at least two parameters:

A VARCHAR that is a library name A VARCHAR that is an entry point in that library

When the router gets called, it loads the requested library and calls the specified entry point.

Many times the caller needs to pass parameters to the entry point. For this case, a third optional parameter is added:

A BLOB that is passed to the entry point.

The router does not care what the blob is, it is just passed to the entry point. If the caller needs to pass more than one parameter, they can encode multiple values into the blob via XML or other technologies.

The entry point then returns a blob which is to be returned to the caller on the client machine. The router then takes this output, puts it in the first row of a result set, and then returns that result set (stored procedures return result sets). The caller then accesses the first row of the returned result set to get the returned value. If the entry point needs to return many items, they can be encoded with XML into one document, and then that document is returned.

Client machine Server machine

C lient P rogram

Router SP

U ser routine

C a ll S P router w ith libN am e,
e n try P t,
in p u tX M L

Ta k e r e tu r n xm l fro m re sult se t, parse for re s u lts

Load library, c a ll e n tr y P t passing xm l

Place return x m l in re s u lt se t

Parse input xm l

...d o w o rk

encode resul...