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Point of Sale Notification Add on Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020985D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-16

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Currently, many restaurants purchase an electronic notification system for waiting customers-- this consists of a base unit plus many individual devices. When the establishment is busy, the customer must wait. He/She is given one of the devices and the device # is coded into the base unit. When it is time for the customer to be seated, the host enters the code into the base unit which then via radio waves makes the device the customer holds either beep or vibrate. My invention is to integrate into the restaurant's Point of Sale or Seating Application a notification system to work with a customer's existing mobile device which will replace the scenario mentioned above. The way this would work is that when the customer is asked to wait, they will be asked for their mobile phone # or pager email address. The host will enter this into the POS/Seating Chart application. When the user is ready to be seated, the POS system will notify the device and the user's cell phone or pager will receive an SMS message saying that it is their turn to be seated. The benefit is that no seating notification specific hardware is needed anymore.