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Multiple alternative actions to one link Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020989D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-16
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Currently, a link is only associated with on destination point called a web page. The problem is if the site is down no alternative destination url's or action are provided. If you click to a web side you will go to that web side. The link is static and you can't do much with it.

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Multiple alternative actions to one link

The idea is to allow the user to save multiple links or actions under a link. If I have a link to a web side I highlight the link under a web page and right click the mouse to get a pull down menu with the option to save a link under that link or to create an action under that link for example e-mail destination or run a program etc... I can add an infinite number of links or actions under one link in a web page.

A right click will give the user the option to enter the new links or action under the link (see enter_new_link image) and after saving the link or action under the original link If you right click again it will give you the links and an option to enter new links or actions (see display_the_link image). Also, be able to navigate to these links or excute an action.

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