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Method of replacing hard drive FRU's with those of different capacities Disclosure Number: IPCOM000020993D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-16
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-16
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Method of Replacing Hard Drive FRU's with Those of Different Capacities

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Method of replacing hard drive FRU's with those of different capacities

At the present time, when new hard drive technology ships, lifetime parts requirements need to be determined. Customers often have strict application requirements to replace failed drives with those of exactly the same capacity. These requirements are expensive for IBM and our suppliers. We must maintain a FRU stock for all drive quantities in various locations around the globe for the lifetime of the products.

This disclosure solves the above problem by proposing a hot plug task that sets drive replacement drive capacities equal to that of the drive being replaced. This allows the use of existing drives in the current FRU stream as replacements to drives of smaller capacity and older technology. It also eliminates the "last time buy" often required when a product goes out of production. Situation: 4GB drive fails in customer environment.

Under the current part stocking plan, if 4GB drives are no longer available, the customer is offerred a drive of greater capacity as a replacement. If the operating environment requires a drive of the exact size be replaced, then the customer is forced to reconfigure their operating environment around the new drive capacity. This reconfiguration may be required every time drives of different capacities are introduced into the operating environment. This causes the customer additional unnecessary downtime for every drive replacement.

Under the proposed plan,...