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Link Manager Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021017D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-17
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-17
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Disclosed is a program that provides key information about all the links within a set of files to enable information developers and others to identify and manage the links in these files.

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Link Manager

The link manager provides an interface that enables a user to specify which types of links are to be managed and the set of files in which to manage them. The files might be a set of XML or HTML help files, a set of IBMIDDoc (SGML) book files for a whole product library, all the help and book files for a product, or any combination of these, or others. Typically, the files are source files rather than output files (such as PDF format), but the link manager can also find and manage links in output format files. The links might be an HTML A tag, an IBMIDDoc Xref or L tag, or others.

After the link types have been specified, the link manager finds and displays a list of all the links of the specified types in the specified files.

Using the link manager, the user can easily see which links are being used, what IDs and other attributes have been specified for those links, and whether the links have valid targets within the specified files. If a link is to a target that is not in one of the specified files and therefore might not be a valid link, such as perhaps a Web address, the user can activate the link from the link manager to verify whether it indeed is a valid link. The user can sort the list of links displayed in a number of different ways, such as by ID or another attribute, by source file, or by target.

From the list of links displayed by the link manager, the user can add, update, and delete links in the specified files and can verify that any l...