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Steam and Hot Liquor Distribution for Batch Digester Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021067D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-19

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Patrick Sullivan


A batch digester for cooking fibrous cellulose material having: a cooking vessel with a vertical axis, an upper inlet to receive a slurry of cellulose chips and cooking liquor and a lower slurry discharge outlet; a center conduit aligned with the vertical axis and having a coupling external to the vessel attachable to a hot fluid source; at least one vertical screen arranged around an interior wall of the cooking vessel, and a chamber between the at least one vertical screen and the interior wall and said chamber having a liquor outlet connectable to a recirculation conduit. The center conduit may include a first center pipe having a first discharge output aligned with the vertical axis and having a first discharge port below the vertical screen; a second center pipe having a second discharge output vertically aligned with the vertical screen, and a third center pipe having a third discharge output above the vertical screen.