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RFID Locating Systems for Linking Valued Objects with Multimedia Files Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021113D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-23

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Jeffrey D. Lindsay Walter Reade Maryellen Vicksta Bernie Kressner


Many new applications have been proposed for smart tags employing radio frequency identification (RFID) technology. While it is well known to use RFID to track the location of products as they move through portions of the supply chain and in other industrial applications such as baggage handling at airports, less attention has been given to the potential of RFID to assist in the storage and archiving of items and associated information about the items outside of industrial operations. In this paper, we propose a number of RFID-based applications for improved handling of valuable items such as heirlooms and other sentimental items in home use, as well as improved methods for commercial processing of valuable goods and information associated with these goods. Based on recent advances in RFID and multimedia data handling, we propose a variety of hardware and software systems and associated methods to help individuals and groups better deal with valuable items that need to be stored or archived. Though the focus of this paper is on systems for home or other non-commercial use, any of these systems can also be applied to any commercial setting or can be combined with other information-handling and object-tracking technologies