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Polarization Metrology Tool Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021164D
Publication Date: 2003-Dec-30

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I. CONCEPTION A. List circumstances of conception (When did you and what caused you to come up with this idea?): Polarization purity and stability are one of XLA's important specification. Some earlier XLA lasers failed polarization test. The most 'weak' optical component was detected. A tool was developed, designed and produced to test polarization on XLA lasers during laser test and in the field. The polarization test will be performed every time during optical design change in XLA lasers. B. Purpose and advantage of invention: To enable to measure polarization ratio of high average power lasers, namely XLA, XLK and possibly XLF in all operational modes(LDC, HDC, CW). C. Short description of invention (Include or attach appropriate sketches, and point out novel features): Two or four Brewster prisms placed to minimize laser beam displacement. Rotational stage, Condenser lens, diffuser, photodetector, computer for control, data collection and analysis Novel features: Reflection type polarization tool enables to measure polarization properties of a high power laser beam.