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Guaranteeing FIFO (sequential) print job order under Sun Solaris LP Spooling Subsystem. Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021167D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-31
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The problem solved by this work is guaranteeing that under the Sun Solaris LP Print Spooling Subsystem, print jobs received from a single client computer will be always be released in First-in, First-out order (FIFO) to a physical print device (the order intended by the submitter).

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Guaranteeing FIFO (sequential) print job order under Sun Solaris LP Spooling Subsystem.


    As implemented, the Solaris Operating System's (versions 9,8, and 7) LP spooling subsystem for receiving inbound print jobs, releases print jobs based on when they finish arriving versus when they were actually submitted (for performance reasons). Consequently, a small job submitted second from a client computer may actually arrive first and be released to a physical print device before a large job that was submitted first. This scenario has also been inherit to many other LPR/LPD printing implementations because their original designs all use at least 11 "logical ports" for sending data (LPR requests). Unfortunately, in some implementations, the receiving side (LPD) has not always taken responsibility for FIFO, either as a part of the standard design or as an option. This presents major operational problems in "statement", "invoice", and "check" printing environments.

    What makes this problem particularly elusive and troublesome is the fact that by "chance" FIFO is generally maintained under Solaris LP. However, it is NOT guaranteed and is evident primarily when extremely small print jobs (<= 50 Kbytes) are intermixed with more normal or large sized print jobs. This problem has been discussed with Sun and they stand behind the current design and do not consider it to be a defect.

    Summary of Invention: The basis for this invention is to take control of the Solaris inbound LP Spooling Subsystem and prevent it from releasing prints jobs. With all inbound print jobs in a "held state", the proper FIFO order can be determined as the print jobs (spool files) on the disk h...