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(RSS) Method for establishing item identity if UPC not available Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021171D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-31
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A voice activated system for finding the SKU for an item being sold.

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(RSS) Method for establishing item identity if UPC not available

Disclosed is an invention for an interactive application with voice input that iteratively uses input from a sales associate and knowledge of the items in the store to determine the exact identity of a sales item so it can be sold and properly accounted for. One implementation would look like this. A sales associate looks for a usable UPC code on an item and doesn't find one. A key is pressed alerting the application to expect voice input. The sales associate provides initial input and answers a series of questions each narrowing the list of candidate items. When the list of candidates is short enough, they are displayed on the console (text, optionally a picture of each) and the operator makes the final selection. Because the database supplying the questions knows how much data is needed to supply an exact UPC/SKU the necessary questions can be asked (e.g. For clothes, What is the size, color, etc. For soft drinks, How many liters? ) Optionally, a picture of the item can be displayed for confirmation. This provides the sales application with the UPC/SKU code for the item allowing it to be sold. As operators get used to the system, they will learn how to describe items to shorten the process. Instead of saying "shoes" and waiting for the first question, they would say "brown men's shoes by Weston" where the color, gender, manufacturer, and major item category are all named at once. The database quer...