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Integrated Word Retrieval System Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021173D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-31
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Often times when a writer is scribing a document, they may tend to use the same word over and over again. In order to fix sounding repetitive, the author must constantly look up synonyms for commonly used words. This system detailed herein proposes a GUI mechanism for providing a word lookup and replacement process that more convenient for the author. By allowing an arbitrary synonym to be quickly retrieved at the touch of a hot-key combination from an existing Thesaurus resource, the author is allowed to focus more on their content and less on their form.

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Integrated Word Retrieval System

     In order to implement the system described herein, the user should be provided a mechanism for first selecting a word. This can be achieved via any number of currently available mechanisms. The user can then select a GUI component that corresponds to a "retrieve synonym" action. This can be made available in a context menu brought up via the right mouse button, via a hot-key, or via a button on a toolbar. The system should then find replace the highlighted word with one of the words provided by the Thesaurus resource. Multiple "retrieve synonym" actions could result in retrieving a new synonym for the initial "base" word, or for the new word at the implementer's discretion. This system of retrieving and replacing words could be applied to foreign languages as well. An implementer could provide a similar mechanism for replacing words to change an English word in a Spanish word, for example. Multiple "retrieve translation" actions could then tie into the synonym system by providing a Spanish synonym for the Spanish word.