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Decomposition of Framed Windows Into a Multiple Document Interface Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021178D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-31
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Frames are not always the favored display methodology of users. Frames impose many constraints on how a document is displayed that may be functionally superior in the mind of the layout's architect, however, may not serve the purpose of each particular user. Many websites, for example, offer framed and non-framed versions of their site. This disclosure seeks to supply a mechanism that obsoletes the double work of supplying non-framed versions as well as provide more flexibility to the user in the way they are presented information through introducing slight functionality enhancements at the web browser level. By allowing users to "detach" individual frames, the user can individually size, move, focus, etc. each removed section as its own full-fledged window, providing a large layout flexibility benefit to framed window approaches.

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Decomposition of Framed Windows Into a Multiple Document Interface

The user should be enabled to right click within a frame and select an option that indicates "Detach This Frame" or equivalent. The application can then spawn a new window that will host only the content of the target frame and will hide the frame in the original window (possibly by making the frame of size zero, possibly by ignoring sections of the layout document in the case of HTML, etc.). In this way, each frame could be manipulated separately as independent documents.