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Scrolling Through Button Pulldown Selections Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021180D
Original Publication Date: 2003-Dec-31
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2003-Dec-31
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Button pulldowns are buttons that have a pull down arrow next to them that allows the user to use a menu to change what the button will execute. For example, in Microsoft Word 2002, there is a button pulldown for font color. Clicking on the button will apply the font color selected, while clicking on the pull down arrow will allow the user to change their font color selection. The problem with this is that for buttons that have a small number of possible selections (text alignment, for example, which has choices of left, right, center and justify) it is overkill to display an entire menu. Further, the user must perform several actions to get to the selection they want (i.e. hunt for the pulldown arrow, click, hunt for the selection, click). Proposed here is a mechanism that makes navigation through available button selections more convenient for the user. By allowing the user to scroll through available button selections with the mouse wheel, the number and difficulty of actions to change the selection of the button is reduced.

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Scrolling Through Button Pulldown Selections

The preferred embodiment of this invention would have the button pull down listening for events from a mouse wheel. The user would be enabled to hover the mouse over the button pull down and nudge the mouse wheel over one step to step through available selections. For example, the user could nudge the mouse wheel one step to change the alignment button pull down from "left" to "center." The two steps of: 1) hunt for button and 2) scroll with mouse wheel is superior to the current art of 1) hunt for pull down arrow, 2) click, 3) hunt for selection and 4) click.