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Use of graph nesting to describe a query's predicate information Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021193D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-02
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A method and computer program are provided for displaying of a queries' predicate information within Visual explain. An in-line child graph displays the details. The child graph is fully functional. The child graph operations' detail is exposed by enabling selection.

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Use of graph nesting to describe a query's predicate information

A program is disclosed that can visually explain an SQL queries' predicate information in-line with exis high-level query information.

    The current Visual Explain of an SQL query could only show the detail of the query at a high level, but there was much more detail that a user could use to further understand how the query would be implemented by the system. To be useful, this predicate information needs to be shown in relation to a node and in some graphical way. The other need is to provide further correlation between a portion of the SQL statement segment and the operations in the visualization. Meeting these needs provides a user the tools to write their SQL statements to run in the most efficient manner.

    The first step is to devise a way to identify the operations within the graph that have predicate information associated with them. The second is to visually mark the

nodes that have predicate information with a ( ) so that a user can know there is more information to describe this operation. The user then will pick from a context menu either "Expand" or "Expand to Window", this will cause the code to draw a nested graph to show in-line the predicate information. Besides a more detailed step-by-step breakdown of the predicate implementation, the user also benefits by being able to click on each icon in the nested graph to get information that includes the SQL statement segment associated with th...