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Resolution-by-Choice Engine Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021205D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-02
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Many problem scenarios can be solved by asking a simple starting question, and then asking another question depending on the answer to the previous question, and so on. The Resolution-by-Choice Engine is a multi-platform software application which facilitates creating, using and maintaining such an approach to solving problems in this question/answer/question domain.

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Resolution-by-Choice Engine

A program is disclosed that facilitates creating, using and maintaining question and answer problem solving scenarios. The program, called the Resolution-by-Choice Engine is made up of three distinct parts; Choice Builder, Choice Map, and Choice Navigator.

The Choice Builder portion of the application has a graphical interface that allows the user to easily drag and drop question-objects and answer-connections to build a problem resolution tree of any complexity. The user building the tree will input the questions to be asked and the expected answers and then, depending on the answer selected, determine the subsequent questions, eventually arriving at a specific solution. Text, graphics, sounds, web links, etc. can be incorporated into the questions and answers. When the problem resolution tree is complete, the Choice Builder then generates a Choice Map.

The Choice Map is a type of distributable data structure that stores the structure, paths and related data of the problem resolution tree. The map presents a well defined interface to allow easy navigation and retrieval of questions, associated data and answer path directions. This interface to the data is used by the third part of the application called the Choice Navigator.

The Choice Navigator, is a stand alone portion of the overall application that can take may different forms. One example could be a web based software service that interfaces with a Choice Map and returns formatte...