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Tivoli log file logical data interpreter , program solution name is Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021208D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-02
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-02
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A log file logical data interpreter assists in retrieving Tivoli results on a specific distribution request.

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Tivoli log file logical data interpreter , program solution name is

Tivoli software is distributed to a Tivoli endpoint. The endpoint may be a client workstation or a server. A log file is created for each distribution that is requested.

Tivoli log files are very complicated and lengthy. The results section of the Tivoli log file may contain Tivoli errors (time-outs, connection errors, etc.), or errors returned from user programs that are run before and/or after the distributions (BARC scripts). These scripts actually do the work of checking the endpoint for prerequisites, installing the application, cleaning the installation/distribution, etc. The log file is too long and complicated for anyone to manually retrieve this data.

A program determines the results section(s) for a specific distribution request by feeding it the Tivoli distribution request ID. The program distinguishes each distribution request by its unique distribution request ID. This program gathers all results sections for the specific distribution request ID and the targeted endpoint associated with this request ID no matter where they are within the Tivoli log file. The program keeps track of each distribution request and based on its distribution request ID, the program will process its results section or ignore its results section. The program uses its own logic to remove standard output and standard error messages from the results section and disregard Tivoli warnings. If the resu...