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CFLI solution for standardized incandescent lumina Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021226D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-06
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CFLI solution for standardized incandescent lumina

Many houses still have light points with a standard E27 bulb with a white distributive glass cover around it. The light point comprises a plastic fixation part that is fixed to the sealing and in which an incandescent lamp can be fixed. The white distributive glass cover (outer bulb) covers said lamp. Replacement of the incandescent lamp by a CFLi lamp is often not possible because the CFLi does not fit in the outer bulb. Moreover, without the outer bulb, the appearance of the lamp is not very attractive, i.a. because of the plastic part that is fixed to the sealing.

    It is proposed to make a cover that can be clicked (e.g. by snap fit connection) onto the CFLi lamp base. The CFLi lamp with cover can then be mounted in the E27 fitting and the cover rotates with the lamp. When the lamp is fixed, the cover covers up the (non-attractive) plastic part.

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