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RFID Carrier Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021262D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-08
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Tim Gardner: INVENTOR


Flexible Container Carrier with RFID Tag

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Currently Hi-Cone ring style carriers use ‘International Standards Organization’ (ISO) UPC and EAC bar coding for inventorying and product pricing. The bar codes are printed, hot stamped or labeled onto the carriers.

Technologies are emerging that can be used to provide extensive information about a product’s movement through the packaging chain. ‘Auto identification’ or electronic product code (EPC) systems such as RFID will lead the shift from UPC/EAC.

To provide legal protection for ring style carriers and associated package components, the attached disclosure from Tim Gardner desires to secure a proprietary position for using ‘Auto id’ systems.

The possible claim concepts for 14258 are set forth below, and were e-mailed to Mark on 8/11/03.  Please note this case has not been filed, as we have not gotten confirmation from the inventors on what is the right way to proceed.

I see considering a number of angles here:

(1) An RFID checkout system or stock checking system that (1) recognizes the carrier RFID tag and the RFID tag associated with each bottle held by the carrier, (2) somehow recognizes that the carrier RFID tag "supersedes" those of the bottles, and calculates price or otherwise acts accordingly. The system could also check to verify that the proper bottles are in the carrier and no substitutes/changes have been made.

(2) A bottle carrier with an RFID tag in combination with bottles that do not have or need an RFID tag (perhaps better stated for...