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Method and Apparatus to Assure the Washing of Hands Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021282D
Publication Date: 2004-Jan-09

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Patent/Patent Application:
USP 6,147,607 USP 6,037,461 6,211,788 [+details]


A method and apparatus to assure the washing of one's hands is disclosed herein. It is known in the prior art to assure washing of hands by marking one's hands with an easily identifiable substance when one does something where the washing of hands is desirable. This invention relates to a different mode of this concept wherein the person whose hands are to be marked is fitted with a device which indicates his entry into an area where handwashing is desired. The location sensitive device sets off an alarm (possibly on a delayed basis) unless said person uses his hand(s) to disactivate the alarm by engaging an actuating means. A marking mechanism containing the easily identifiable substance is integral with or coupled to the actuating means. Accordingly, once in the area where handwashing is desired the person must disactivate the alarm and in doing so his hand(s) is marked by the marking mechanism. After marking the person's hand, they must then wash their hands or have it be obvious they have not washed their hands.