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System and Method For Prioritized Web Content Returned to Multi-Framed Pages Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021307D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-13
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A method for prioritized web content returned to multi-framed pages

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System and Method For Prioritized Web Content Returned to Multi-Framed Pages

Today's browser technology provides for handling only 2 outstanding simultaneous HTTP frame/page requests. For multiframe web pages, this can be problematic if the page is heavily framed and certain frames have a higher priority or importance to the user and should be returned before other frames of lesser importance. With today's browsers, there is no priority ordering to the returned frames of the multiframe window, potentially resulting in the most important frames returning last. If the most important or highest priority frames are returned first, this allows the user to take action potentially before the remaining frames are returned, thus improving the users perceived response time and interaction with the web application. There is also the fringe possibility that lower priority frames could continually refresh, thus preventing the most important frames from redisplaying to the user.

This assumes that the server-side code has knowledge of all frames that are to be returned to the browser, or that are part of the user's interaction with the web application that are identified as needing "redisplay" because the data is stale or a different frame needs to be displayed to the user. In other words, the server-side application maintains a realtime cache of frames that need to be delivered to the user. This method allows for a priority weighting to be applied to each frame by the server side code. The server side code, in response to an HTTP request, then responds to the browser with Javascript that will request the frames in the priorit...