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Time based cleaning reminder Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021310D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-13
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A method is disclosed for triggering power on time dependent events that does not rely on calendar dates or operating systems.

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Time based cleaning reminder

    A common requirement in computer systems is to initiate tasks on a "timed" basis (such as running a virus scan program every week). Most modern operating systems provide some sort of support for such a function such as the Scheduler utility in Microsoft (R) products or Chron Daemons in the Unix / Linux (R) operating systems. These functions work fine for events that are separated by fairly short time lapses (weeks or months) but in the case of events that might be years apart, the dependability of such functions becomes highly questionable. (e.g., a new version of the operating system might be installed and the user might not reinitialize the scheduler properly or a completely different operating system might be installed (such as switching from Windows to Linux).

The specific problem addressed by this invention is the long term accumulation of dust and lint inside a computer system that blocks airflow and can lead to an over heating induced failure of the systems hardware. It would be desirable to post a suggestion to the user after a certain number of power on hours that he should open the enclosure and vacuum out the accumulated dust and lint to prevent heat induced failures. As explained in the previous paragraph, the operating systems do not provide a dependable method of accomplishing this. An operating system independent solution is needed.

Starting in 2004, IBM systems will be providing a BIOS based function that records, alon...