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Rear Opening Cover in PC Enclosure Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021313D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-13

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Access to the components inside a PC's are typically provided via a sliding removable or rotating cover. The majority of PC's shipped today employ removable covers to provide access to internal components. Additionally, the size of systems has been shrinking making it more difficult to access internal components for service and upgrade operations. Removable covers must be removed and set aside before accessing internal components. Replacing the cover can be difficult for the inexperienced user. Rotating covers are less common. A PC's cover may rotate about the lower front of the system. When opened, the cover rotates toward the user and if it can't be removed, blocks access to internal components. In this case, the system must be rotated to access internal components and all cables and connections to the system must be disconnected prior to attaining access. Computer manufacturers are migrating to service plans that allow customers to replace internal components and to upgrade them without the use of tools. As computer manufacturers offer lower cost warranty plans that require the end user to perform service and upgrades, ease of access for this purpose is required. An attached articulating cover that rotates from the rear of the system allows the user access to internal components without having to disconnect cables or rotate the entire system to get around the cover.