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Method and System to Increase Data Privacy on Displays Shared by Two or More Devices Disclosure Number: IPCOM000021320D
Original Publication Date: 2004-Jan-13
Included in the Prior Art Database: 2004-Jan-13

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The basic idea of our method is to display documents onto the large display with all the private information (names, dates, numbers) in a non-readable format, such as blurred or blackened. The overall structure and layout of the document is preserved and identifiable on the large display. To access the private information, the user employs a smaller, more private display such as the display of a handheld computer. By selecting one of the blurred parts of the document with the handheld, the user gets the private information loaded into the smaller display, in a readable form. To select a specific part of the text, the user can point to it with the handheld; touch the corresponding area with the handheld, hands, or a device; select from a list on the handheld monitor; or any similar selecting method. In a more specific scenario where the larger display is a map of an environment or the diagram of a process, icons can be used to identify people and places instead of names or numbers. The icons associated to each person or place may be known to the user but not known to most people, therefore providing more privacy. In another embodiment, the visual aspect of the icons can be generated randomly, as requested by the user's handheld computer, and a legend identifying the real person or place associated with the icon is shown only on the handheld display.